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Nikki Benson / August 6, 2011

Have any of you heard of a little band called Shabazz Palace, the biggest avant-rap sensation in the world right now? They have been up to a lot since their release of Black Up, including some world touring coming up this fall. Seattle’s hometown heros have been up to a lot more than touring; they’ve created on organization to forward the underground music community in their own backyard, and soon all over the world.

Starstatic is a service/website that will be leveraging the connections Shabazz Palaces has made to share music from underground artists that wouldn’t likely garner an international audience on their own. They’ll also give these artists the tools they need to package themselves professionally including video shoots and e-bios. There will be lots of other content on the website that will show off the personalities and interests of its founders, but that will be for the readers to discover at a later date.

SSG Music is thrilled to have the honor of announcing Starstatic, and what is more, we’re an affiliate. You’ll soon be able to read articles here and on (set to launch August 12, 2011) that are in line with their vision. We already love underground music and Shabazz Palaces, so it was a no brainer for us to jump when they said how high.

Tendai Maraire, one half of Shabazz Palaces, answered some questions about how this collective came about.

Congratulations on Starstatic, Tendai! Tell me a little bit about your vision and why it was created.

TM: Starstatic is a reaction to the mainstream’s agenda to market, promote, and mold fans to believe in who they push to the media, fans, artists, bloggers, dj’s ets. Starstatic is an unbiased opportunity for everyone to get there music to the tastemakers who help advance their listening audience. We are everyone.

Was there a singular event that inspired you to make Starstatic?

TM: There is no one single event that birthed the ideas. It was the collective conversations and frustration with artists about the lack of hope and opportunities to be heard. Artists just want a chance to showcase their talents and let the people be the judge. We want to help move that along.

You’ve mentioned to me wanting to make Seattle the new Atlanta. What did you mean by that?

TM: Seattle has just as much talent as ATL, L.A. NY etc. Just as Atlanta has succeeded for over a decade proving they are a valuable voice and market share to the culture of music on a national & global scale, I feel Seattle is on the rise to do the same. We have a very diverse city musically, and it should not be defined by any one group or artists. We should be known for our body of work collectively and through time historically.

Who are five underground acts that Starstatic is excited about right now?

TM: We are excited about too many bands to mentions just five! We don’t want to leave anyone out.

Where do you see Starstatic in the next five years?

TM: Hopefully, we will still own the domain name in five years. will be live Friday August 12th. Stay tuned.

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