Announcing: HUMP DAY w/ Chris Cunningham, blackdiVa, DJ Alex, and DJ Hojo

SSG Music / August 28, 2012

Poster by Bebe Besch

SSG Music is thrilled to announce our very first DJ night: HUMP DAY w/ super-star DJs Chris Cunningham (of Ravenna Woods), blackdiVa, DJ Alex (of KEXP and Hush Hush Records) and DJ Hojo (Allen Huang of JK-Pop Night and our very own Album Review Editor).

Words can’t express how stoked we are to have these juicy DJs spinning the best of what’s next. DJ Hojo is one of the founders of Seattle’s only Japanese and Korean Pop monthly dance night, JKPop. We’ve watched JKPop establish a local community for what has become a growing worldwide movement. Here’s a sample of what he’ll be playing:

DJ Alex is SSG Music’s newest “it” DJ. He’s championing a type of music he likes to call “Night Bus”–music that is best listened to at night on a bus. With that said, it doesn’t have genre restriction, but an associated feeling that defines the movement. DJ Alex’s expression of this music has found a home in down-tempo, low-frequency heavy ambient electronica infused with ’90s R&B. Here’s a sample of the music we can’t seem to get enough of these days:

SSG Music is excited to introduce blackdiVa, the performance and soon to be announce columnist moniker of our very own Nikki Benson. Nikki will be playing some of her favorite cuts, chopping, twerking, overlaying, and generally getting buck. Unbeknownst to many, she’s been creating some ambient goth-electronica. She may or may not be mixing some of that into the set, but there are sure to be some cool additions, vocal loop intros/outros, and whatever else she works up between now and September 19th. We don’t have a sample yet, but here is a song that we already know has been chopped and will likely be spattered throughout the set:

Last but not least, Chris Cunningham of Ravenna Woods will be joining us! He’ll likely be doing something similar as Nikki B, but with his own spin, incorporating his savant-like sense of rhythm. He’s guest DJed for one of our happy hours and has curated our Song of the Day feature in the past. He has exquisite taste and a feel for electronic music, layering is beyond reproach. Here is a song of his choice:

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