An introduction to carefree ambient-beach: Juan Torregoza’s “Luquillo”

Colette Pomerleau / March 19, 2020

Photo courtesy of artist.

“Luquillo” is the first single from Juan Torregoza’s new album, takipsilim, where Torregoza revamps and reawakens what our idea of shoegaze can be. While this is Torregoza’s solo exploration, the musician also performs with the New York-based Dovie Beams Love Child and Subtropico Militia.

Torregoza shares, “Back in 2017, my band toured Puerto Rico, and our last stop was Luquillo, we played by the beach and hung out with the locals after. The song is about the experience and the people of that town in Luquillo. The process is just trying to get that feeling of that night by the beach, guitars, small bonfire, hanging out with people and just enjoying life. The piece has no showy or fancy licks, just a chill cool track that tries to capture the vibes.”

Named after a Puerto Rican beach, “Luquillo” feels like the surfy ambient vibes made exactly for the ones you experience before, during, and after beach-time. Listen for yourself.

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