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In a climate of Independent hip-hop where subject matter is often kept to the flagrant, ostentatious, and vulgar, it is refreshing to have another Seattle spokesman who is using his candid life experiences to make a difference in others lives. Have you heard the groundbreaking song Otherside off of the VS. EP from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis? Download “Otherside”, and if you want give it a listen while you read, please do.

Macklemore – “Otherside”

In the song “Otherside,” Macklemore gets in deep about social drug use. Many people do it for fun without considering the long-term effects, or worse, the possible short-term effect—death. Macklemore takes a second person look at someone who didn’t think he had a problem with drugs. His girlfriend ended up finding him dead due to a mistaken overdose. Sobering thoughts followed by the words “We live on the cusp of death thinking that it won’t be us.”

Macklemore sang this song live for the first time at Bumbershoot 2009 in front of thousands of people. As he started the song, he held his head high and announced, “I celebrating one year of sobriety.” Whether the individual members of the audience were winning the same fight, still making the choice if they wanted to fight, or just respectfully looking on, everyone was touched, moved, and inspired. Macklemore might not ever know how many people’s lives, and the lives of their families, he’s effected by having the courage to use his own failures and triumphs as a beacon of hope so that others can do the same.

Ryan Lewis is not to be overlooked as the producer and other half of Macklemore’s most recent project. Ryan Lewis is the visionary when it comes to the music behind Macklemore’s words. Lewis is decisive about what direction they are going to go in, and he creates an immaculate product for Macklemore to rap to. If it weren’t for Lewis’ dedication to perfect production, Macklemore might be just another rapper with a GarageBand demo and an immense amount of potential.


Album Release Party

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis @ Nectar Lounge 11/27 | $8 | 5:30 | All Ages! Purchase tickets here

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are having an album release party on November 27th, and they are doing it in grand style. They are performing an all ages show, doors at 5:30 pm, and a 21+ show, doors at 10pm. The early show will feature Hella Dope, The Next Door Neighbors, Kung Foo Grip, DJ Sabzi, and will be hosted by Grynch, “the King of Ballard.” The late show will feature The Physics, Symmetry, Xperience, The Next Door Neighbors, DJ Terry Radjaw, and will be hosted by El Mizell, Seattle’s resident S**t talker.

Please enjoy the interview below with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis where they talk about the flavor of their new EP VS., and about the experience they had making it. After you’ve enjoyed that, please enjoy the extra special video of the second half of Otherside” performed A Cappella, recorded and produced by Ryan Lewis.

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