Also Tonight: Thunder Buffalo

Nikki Benson / June 30, 2010

Thunder Buffalo @ The Tractor Tavern | 06 |30 | 9 pm | $12

Another reason to head out to Tractor Tavern tonight is to catch Thunder Buffalo! Are you hip to this Seattle-based group? They have been around town for a hot minute. Thunder Buffalo brings funk, kick, and layer of distortion over everything including  the vocals. Their style can run alongside the serge of punk/garage-chic that has been overtaking the  Seattle scene,  but their white noise infusions change things up. Thunder Buffalo has a 4 song “floppy” record coming out very soon. Hopefully they’ll have something for their screaming fans tonight, but there are no guarantees.  The record is called The Misadventures of Boy, and it will be available online. If you simply can not wait for the new vinyl, click here to buy the debut self-titled album that was released in November 2009. Take a listen to the stream up top (“Mayors Wife” is bomb), and get ready to rock your socks off tonight at The Tractor Tavern.

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