Also Tonight: Tennis Pro CD Release Show

Julie Grebenau / June 30, 2011

Tennis Pro (CD Release Show) w/ Thee Emergency, Blue skies for Black Hearts, and We Wrote the Book on Connectors @ Chop Suey| 6/30| 8 PM| $10 (Get Tickets)| 21+

Photo Courtesy of Tennis Pro

Tennis Pro are big in Japan.  Or so their website/multiple tours over there would imply (Tennis Pro headed over to Japan shortly after the earthquake because they love it so much and wanted to be there to provide entertainment for the distraught residents).  This may explain the reason for the title of the CD they’ll be releasing at Chop Suey on Thursday at their CD release show, Shimokita is Dead.  Shimokita is a peninsula in Japan.

Tennis Pro’s music is upbeat pop/rock with a silly edge to it — like good music, but making fun of itself, and it’s still good. Supporting Tennis Pro at this show are Thee Emergency (who Tennis Pro supported at their show at Columbia City Theater last Summer), Blue skies for Black Hearts (put Superdrag and Apples in Stereo together, and you’d get this with some ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s sprinkled in), and We Wrote the Book on Connectors (geek synth-pop with a great sense of humor that absolutely fits this bill to a T).

This show will not be a serious show.  People will likely be dancing and singing along.  If you’re looking to come out of your wallflower shell, this is the show to go to this week.

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