Also Tonight: Smooth Sailing and Into The Storm

Jason mKey / August 19, 2010

Smooth Sailing w/Into The Storm, Mountainns, The Keeper @ Galway Arms| 8/19| 8PM | 21+

Photo by: Sean Sherman

Where are the guys in Smooth Sailing going? Places. They’re going places. More specifically: on a west coast tour. Smooth Sailing is a hardcore  band with sweet, forward thinking post-rock infusion. They alternate between moments of traditional hardcore and more melodic progressive material. Sometimes their live performance is aggressive and intense and other times it’s calm and literally is smooth sailing (really bad pun). Most important of all is the fact that they have a unique approach and don’t fit the mold of your typical post metal band. Let’s hope that those California dates treat them well and they come back even more rugged. Seattle can use more bands like this.

What can be said about Into the Storm? They’re kind of crazy. The good kind of crazy. The “I just drank ten energy drinks” kind of crazy. They scream and have a hard hitting drummer and have amps that are massive and it’s fair to assume they probably tune their guitar strings down really low. They also have some quite genius song titles which include: “High Fructose Corn Magic” and “Sometimes, Maybe, I Like to go to the Park and Look at Swans.” I’ve never heard the later of the two, but one can only guess that it’s heavier and more gruesome than its title suggests. One can only hope.

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