Also Tonight: Nirvana Tribute at Neptune Coffee

Julie Grebenau / April 8, 2010

Johnny Unicorn @ Neptune Coffee | 4/08 | 8 pm | Free!!!

Cell phone photo Courtesy Johnny Unicorn

Today is the anniversary of the day Kurt Cobain was found dead at his house in Seattle in 1994.  To commemorate, a man that goes by the name Johnny Unicorn has arranged a quartet of horns to play his songs.

Johnny Unicorn wasn’t a big fan of Nirvana growing up, but was definitely aware and appreciative of their music.  “I never liked them enough to actually get any of their records or listen to them attentively,” he commented.  When approached with the idea of doing a tribute show, he sat down and really listened to their records.

Johnny embraced the challenge to arrange Nirvana songs for bass clarinet, tenor sax, alto sax, and trumpet in just a few weeks (usually his songs sound reminiscent of They Might Be Giants or something off a Dr. Demento compilation). It will be a short set, so be sure to get there early. As Johnny says, “It’s my skewed vision of the best parts of Nirvana.”

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