Also Tonight: Laff Hole ft. Kermet Apio

Gabriel Arguelles / September 7, 2011

People’s Republic of Komedy present Laff Hole! ft. Kermet Apio, Ross Parsons, Brett Hamil, and Sean Murphy @ Chop Suey | 09/07 | 9pm | $10 Get Tickets Here | 21+


Kermet Apio is one of the biggest names in Seattle comedy. The decidedly un-alternative comic has toured throughout the united states and performed with some of the most respected comedians in the country. Apio appearing at Laff Hole is kind of different for the twice-monthly comedy night—Apio works clean. He puts on a straight-forward, family-friendly set of well-thought out comedy. Think Brian Regan but with a Hawaiian and without the funny voices. Here’s a rare opportunity to catch Kermet Apio outside of the comedy club setting, where things are more likely to get loose.

For more on Kermet Apio and an opportunity to hear the man be a little nerdy before a live audience, check out this episode of Jackie Kashian’s Dork Forest podcast with comic book writer Ed Brubaker (Jackie Kashian will be in town next week– expect a preview for those shows too!). This was the first ever live episode of the Dork Forest, taped right here in Seattle’s Vera Project in March of this year.

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