Also Tonight: Julie Grebenau’s Thoughts On Anya Marina (Win Tickets)

Julie Grebenau / July 1, 2011

Anya Marina w/ People Eating People @ Chop Suey| 7/01| 9  PM| $12 (Get Tickets)/ $15 At the Door| 21+

Photo Courtesy of Anya Marina

We just published a Tonight in Music feature on Anya Marina, but there are a few more things to be said about the show.

Teens and tweens are likely already fans of Anya Marina after her song, “Satellite Heart,” was featured in Twilight: New Moon, but Marina’s unique voice and songs that range from contemplative and sweet to edgy and filled with hooks will appeal to many people who have never seen the Twilight films (or walked out of the theater in the middle).

Starting out as an actress in LA, Marina decided to go to College and then caught the radio bug.  Working as a DJ in radio, and then juggling her music career while doing radio brought her to a wall she just couldn’t get past.  Her boss, completely aware of the situation, told her he would fire her if she didn’t quit to pursue music full-time.

Marina has an eclectic range in her songs, yet appeals to the masses.  Having been opened up to many artists she would have never heard if not for radio, her music and creativity have obviously been influenced, from the perfect ‘uh huh’ in her voice that mixes just right with heavy guitars in “Spirit School” to the sweet little Tegan & Sara style attitude to her voice that pops out in her snarkier songs.  Being a former DJ, her onstage banter is just as entertaining as her songs (check the video below for proof).


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