Also Tonight in Music / Comedy: Laff Hole the Musical

Gabriel Arguelles / August 3, 2011

People’s Republik of Komedy presents: Laff Hole! the Musical! ft. Black Daisy, Jessica Strauss, Dan Duarte, Devin Badoo, DK
and Morgan, and The Ashley Judd Comedy Hour @ Chop Suey | 08/03 | 9pm | $10 Get Tickets Here | 21+


Tonight’s Laff Hole is special in three new ways:

a. It’s a “Laff Hole the Musical!” edition. Black Daisy will headline the show, and the openers will be comprised of Seattle’s best musical comedians and comical musicians. It is an amalgamation of all things awesome about performing live. Black Daisy are comprised of Troy Nelson and Cody Hurd, who also make up two-thirds of The Young Evils. Black Daisy released a DVD in 2007, The Hardy Har Har Collection, and word is their live appearances have become increasingly rare since. Their videos can be found on Funny Or Die. Tonight they will integrate music, film, comedy, and everything else into their show.

b. It’s a Bumbershoot preview edition. People will say the word “Bumbershoot” over and over tonight, and one can hope that there will be a big Bumbershoot ticket giveaway like there was at the last Laff Hole (saying “one can hope” is not legally binding in any way).

c. The good people of Flatstock and the American Poster Institute will be there for a free cocktail hour at 6pm, at which Chop Suey will turn into an art gallery of awesome Bumbershoot-related posters. If you’ve ever wanted to see killer Jay Ryan prints in person, this is the place to do it.

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