Alcest, The Deadlight Effect and Oilslave at The Shredder

Dustin Verburg / April 4, 2012

Alcest, The Deadlight Effect, Oilslave @ The Shredder | 4/11 | $8 | 9pm | 21+

The Shredder is a nearly perfect environment for loud rock shows– a converted warehouse with black walls that are lined with arcade games, a skate ramp and a projector that shows music videos in between bands keep the energy level high at all times. Alcest, The Deadlight Effect and Oilslave will make sure that Wednesday the 11th is no exception.

Promo image courtesy of Alcest

French atmospheric metal band Alcest is headlining this Wednesday night show at The Shredder. Alcest approaches the well trodden road of shoegaze and post-rock with a black metal band’s intensity– they never trade melody in for brutality, but there is something dangerous lurking under the band’s gorgeous arrangements.

Photo by Brian Green

Boise experimental metal band The Deadlight Effect thrash and pound with nearly inhuman savagery, but they also know their way around a thoughtful ambient instrumental passage. They’re just as comfortable with brain-curdling screams and gnarly riffing as they are with atmospheric guitars and odd time signatures.

Promo image courtesy of Oilslave

Boise’s Oilslave is the brainchild of Milton J. Rosenbaum III, and there is nothing else within hundreds of miles that’s even remotely like it. Oilslave is a one man band, but still manages to sound like a ramshackle powerhouse of crunchy guitars and frenzied drums. Rosenbaum tackles both guitar and drum duties simultaneously, and in doing so creates a fuller sound than many four or five piece bands.

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