Across the Pond: On the Other Side of the Pond

Bertie Magit / June 11, 2012
Guitarist in the Themes River/ photo by Bertie Magit

Now that I am home in California and away from Europe, the transition must be made from physically being ‘Across the Pond’ to metaphorically being there. Before I can decide where exactly ‘Across the Pond’ is now, a wrap up is in order.

The most important lesson I learned from living in London is that music is always out there. It takes some work to find out which pub is hosting a band that night or what club is featuring that DJ you like. I must admit if it weren’t for TimeOut London I would have spent many more nights concert-less. Without having to worry about age restrictions, websites like TimeOut and concert promoters like Bird on the Wire and Eat Your Own Ears served as my concert-going guides.

My musical experiences in London are non-comparable to any I have had in America because having never been 21 years old in the United States, my options for gig going have been rather limited. There is something wonderful to be said about being old enough to never have a bulky bouncer deny your entrance to a club or venue, which is not only disappointing but shameful.

In past ‘Across the Pond’ columns I have mentioned some noticeable differences in audiences, atmospheres and festivals in Europe. Hopefully, now that I am home, and almost of total-access age, I will be able to do what I have done in London for the past year. In my mind, space is not the final frontier; instead it is the always changing, always evolving music scene in the United States that needs to be mapped out and explored.

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