A Night to Believe in: Mild High Club, Sun Angle and Boone Howard at Holocene

Colette Pomerleau / July 20, 2016
Mild High Club. Courtesy of Stones Throw.
Mild High Club. Courtesy of Stones Throw.

Thursday, July 20th

Mild High Club, Sun Angle and Boone Howard | 8pm doors/9pm show | Holocene | 21+ | $10/$12 DOS | Get tickets

To narrow down the feelings you have when listening to Mild High Club would be doing yourself a disservice. You’ll be “blissed out”, feel like swaying and definitely a little jolted from the subtle surprises layered amongst all of the sounds. Alex Brettin introduced himself as Mild High Club with his debut album, Timeline, last year and is returning with their newest, Skiptracing, next month via Stones Throw.

Brettin told Paste magazine recently, “The next batch of songs is more of a panoramic view. I feel like they’re a little more refined … wait, no, they’re a lot more refined than Timeline. They’re going to be more dynamic, the chords will be bigger, the melodies will last longer. I’ll have moments of Bach-influences and some moments of country and moments of bossanova and then some Beach Boys. But, still, in my little way of hearing things. I just hope that with Timeline, people can catch on with this, that I am accepting that I’m not reinventing anything.”

Make sure to arrive on time, if not early. Local acts and openers Sun Angle and Boone Howard have both been known to put on a show worth your eyes and ears. There are a handful of memorable descriptors that stick with both bands, with Sun Angle holding onto “psychedelic filth” and Boone Howard taking “delicious”. You won’t need to do drugs Thursday night if you find yourself at Holocene, but you might want to.

You can stream one of Mild High Club’s newest songs from Skiptracing, “Homage”, below:

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