2013 SIFF Picks 6/6: Orange Honey, The Hunt

Lindsey Scully / June 5, 2013

The 39th annual Seattle International Film Fest runs May 16 to June 9. With over 400 films, there’s a little something for everyone. But 400 is a HUGE number. So, lucky for you, SSG Music has sifted through the fixin’s to bring you a handful of film suggestions for each day of the festival. Be sure to check back each day for the suggestions of the day ahead!

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SSG Music SIFF Picks for June 6:

The Hunt | 4:00pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown

The Hunt is centered around daycare teacher Lucas, a warmhearted divorcee who often puts others before himself. When his best friend’s young daughter implies that Lucas has been inappropriate with her, the lie spreads like wildfire throughout the small town. Soon Lucas is forced to prove his innocence before the community’s mob mentality decides his fate. The Hunt shows the true victim’s side when a scandalous rumor is spread, and no justice will fix the damage that has been dealt.


Orange Honey | 6:00pm | Kirkland Performance Center

You can view the trailer for Orange Honey on the SIFF website here

Following the Anglo-Spanish War, soldier Enrique is sent to the higher officials’ offices to conduct clerical work, such as preparing papers for execution. After he is forced to execute his own mother’s caretaker, Enrique decides enough is enough and begins his work as a partial double agent siding with the Revolution, while still working for his government. Orange Honey is gripping and packs in numerous white-knuckle moments that make you pause for breath. This will be the last showing of Orange Honey during this year’s SIFF.


Additional Suggestions:

Ali | 7:00pm | Harvard Exit

Fatal | 9:45pm | AMC Pacific Place 11


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