2013 SIFF Picks 6/2: The Little Tin Man, Blackbird

Lindsey Scully / June 1, 2013

The 39th annual Seattle International Film Fest runs May 16 to June 9. With over 400 films, there’s a little something for everyone. But 400 is a HUGE number. So, lucky for you, SSG Music has sifted through the fixin’s to bring you a handful of film suggestions for each day of the festival. Be sure to check back each day for the suggestions of the day ahead!

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SSG Music SIFF Picks for June 2:

Blackbird | 11:00am | SIFF Cinema Uptown

Sean is a bit of a loner in high school. He is constantly bullied and intimidated by the popular kids, and one classmate in particular always takes it too far, until Sean makes an empty online threat that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. However, local authorities and media find the threat, and fearing they may have a Columbine-esque situation on their hands, they arrest Sean. After being sent to a youth prison where he is verbally and mentally assaulted, Sean attempts a plea bargain to get released but soon realizes that the mob-mentality of his small town will not let him off the hook so easily. Blackbird is a very dark film, with little release, so we suggest you stick around for The Little Tin Man afterwards to cheer yourself up a bit.


The Little Tin Man | 12:30pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown

Many struggling actors lose hope when they are looking for roles, especially for Herman who always gets cast for dwarf or midget roles due to his stature. The Little Tin Man follows Herman and his supportive friends who help him make an audition tape for the new upcoming (and completely fictional) Martin Scorsese remake of The Wizard Of Oz. Herman was originally scheduled to audition for the role of Mayor of Munchkinland but when he grows tired of being typecasted due to his size, Miller aids him in getting the courage to audition for the Tin Man. The film has a solid amount of laughs alongside a few more dramatic scenes and a splash of rom-com mixed in.


Additional Suggestions:

Twenty Feet From Stardom | 4:00pm | Egyptian Theater


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