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2012 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival to be Headlined by Busta Rhymes

Mary Locke / May 10, 2012
Photo Courtesy of: Grindahz

According to Brooklyn Bodega, Busta Rhymes has been invited to headline the 2012 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, scheduled for July 9-14.

Rhymes’ previous appearance at the festival was last year, in which he was a surprise guest for that year’s headliner, Q-Tip. Other surprise guests included Kanye West, Black Thought and Monie Love. This year it’s Rhymes’ turn. Working with BHF Executive Director, Wes Jackson, Rhymes’ will coordinate his own list of surprise guests.

Jackson states of Rhymes, “One of the most interesting things that kept coming up when we talked about Busta in the office is all the different ‘Bustas’ there were. Busta to me is the skinny kid from Sound Of The Zeekers. To other cats in the office he is the muse of Hype Williams and the definitive artist of the video era. To younger fans he is the guy who killed it on the Chris Brown song. To purists he was Dilla‘s biggest supporter after Q-Tip.”

Accordingly, phases from Rhymes’ own life will influence many of the events during the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. The Bodega Education Initiative, Salute the DJ, the Dummy Clap Film Festival are three such events.

Jackson continues, “Busta is the embodiment of what Brooklyn Bodega and The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival is all about. Diversity, inspiration, longevity all fueled by an undeniable love for the music and culture.”

Watch Busta Rhymes smash “Why Stop Now” below:


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