13 & God Set to Release New Album ‘Own Your Ghost’ on 5/17

Allen Huang / May 12, 2011

It seems like it was ages ago that the men in The Notwist began collaborating with Oakland’s Themselves, forming 13 & God. But even though the supergroup has been active for more than half a decade, it’s surprising that they still have only one full-length to their name. But fear not, devotees to all things Notwist. In 2011, all this is about to change.

Their newest LP Own Your Ghost is baking in anticon’s oven as we speak, set to be released on May 17th. The album is sure to be another philosophical soliloquy, pondering the worth of life and death and the existence of whom else but God. Expect a bevy of organic percussion techniques and the Notwist’s crisp production all over this record.

But what would an album release be without a few celebratory extras? First, a pair of preview videos showing the knee-slapping and the table tapping behind the new songs “Armored Scarves” and “Unyoung.” Then, 13 & God member Antonionian, no doubt antsy from all his studio time, has taken it upon himself to remix Own Your Ghost’s opening track “Its Own Sun.” All in all, it’s a good month for Notwist/13&God fans. The only thing that would top that would be a tour announcement…(wink wink).

13 & God – “It’s Own Sun (Antonionian Remix)”

13 & God – “Armored Scarves” Preview from anticon.

13 & God – “Unyoung” Preview from anticon.



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